Welcome to The Gem Therapist

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Welcome, to my latest creation, The Gem Therapist. Several years ago when I started my jewelry career in the retail field, I realized that for so many jewelry could be a form of a therapy. Jewelry has and always has had so much significance. It is a talisman for many of life’s most meaningful events; weddings, anniversaries, births. Whether delicate or ornate, jewels represent so much more than just being a bauble. As we stood at the jewelry counter, trying things on, people would often confide in me. Tell me things they might not be so quick to tell a total stranger. The personal nature of the jewelry shopping experience would listen their lips, and have us as best friends by the time I was ringing them up. It was this interaction that impacted me most, and that I hoped to recreate.

For many years I wanted a blog that could be a showcase for beautiful things. For the jewelry that made me smile and took my breath away. A place where people could ask questions about jewelry and get real answers. A place where people can talk about their jewelry and the significance it has in their life. This blog will hopefully be all that and more. Be with me as I straighten out the kinks, and please email your questions and stories, I love hearing them all. Emails can be sent to [email protected].

I can’t wait to open my heart of bling to all of you.