How to Handle Fluctuating Ring Sizes

We’ve all been there, one day your ring fits perfectly and suddenly you can’t get it past your knuckle. Or you find it spinning around your finger like a skip-it and you’re worried that one wrong move will send it flying across the room. As women we often have weight fluctuations. Many women find that once they get past a certain point in their pregnancy, their rings no longer fit, and sometimes even after the baby comes their hands and fingers have changed shape and they can no longer get their rings on.

Traditional methods mean either sizing the ring up or done, which is costly to do multiple times, and doesn’t always leave the ring looking exactly the same. Ring guards and shots also known as balls are uncomfortable and temporary. I know you’re thinking that there must be a better way, and there is. Cliq is a Philadelphia based company that has revolutionized the ring sizing game.

The cliq ring uses a button mechanism that securely fastens, and can be pushed open with a pen, to make the ring fully open and then fully secure on your finger. It allows for weight fluctuations, pregnancy, age, and top heavy rings prone to spinning. To paint a clearer picture of what this looks like, think of a bangle but in ring form. Cliq can be retrofitted to your existing ring or it can be custom made for a new ring. Think about the piece of mind you’ll have knowing you never have to size your ring again?! It really is such a genius solution.

I’d love to discuss your Cliq options and show you the product in action.

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