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Emily C The Scallop Couture In Rose Gold with Diamonds

My friend Miriam recently graduated med school and is about to start her residency; she messaged me with a great gift she had received from her husband. As an OB/GYN she is unable to wear her wedding rings, so her husband...

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G-One Rubellite and  Diamond Cuff from Goshwara

  A jewelry gift between a man and a woman is a deeply personal thing. More than anything most men want to get it right. Often turns out to be a gargantuan task, and for many men ends in disappointment. There...

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Sterling Silver CZ Engagement ring from Bling Jewelry

My friend RB recently emailed me. She’s pregnant and she’s at that stage of pregnancy where hands and feet are starting to get swollen. Been there, done that,so not fun. Her engagement ring was getting super tight and she knew...

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Daniel O Asks: Gem Therapist, for a timeless engagement right, what setting and cut would you recommend? Also, when choosing the stone better to sacrifice color and clarity for size? Timeless a word that many substitute for classic and some...

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