How to Handle Fluctuating Ring Sizes

We’ve all been there, one day your ring fits perfectly and suddenly you can’t get it past your knuckle. Or you find it spinning around your finger like a skip-it and you’re worried that one wrong move will send it...

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A Message from Arielle

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything to my blog. Once upon a time, when I had a small baby at home, this blog was my lifeline. It was a great way for me to share my knowledge...

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Slim Bar Ring with Pearls by Jane Taylor Jewelry

I was recently flipping through an issue of┬áHarper’s bazaar and I noticed they were featuring magnificent fine jewelry from Chanel and Dior, with pearls featuring as the star. Pearls seem to be hotter than ever,although with their classic connotation they...

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