Buying a Jewelry Gift – A Guide for Men

REPOSSI Berbère Module Cage Ring
Berbère Module Cage Ring


A jewelry gift between a man and a woman is a deeply personal thing. More than anything most men want to get it right. Often turns out to be a gargantuan task, and for many men ends in disappointment. There are ways though that you can shop for a jewelry gift that is spot on for that special lady in your life. Here are some important things to keep in mind.


  1. Know Her Style

One of the biggest mistakes I see being made, is not knowing a woman’s taste or style. Your wife or girlfriend may have very simple taste or she be a “the blingier the better” type of gal. The key is knowing. How do you do that? First look at the jewelry she already wears. Is it dainty or delicate? Chunky and flashy? Sleek and geometric? Gold or silver? These are clues to her personal taste that can point you in the right direction.

G-One Rubellite and  Diamond Cuff from Goshwara
G-One Rubellite and Diamond Cuff from Goshwara

2. Color

Some people love vibrant and bright colors, others not so much. Is she someone who wears a lot of neutral colors, or does she always seem to be dressed in vibrant blues, vivid oranges, and juicy reds. This can be a great insight into whether she’s a strictly precious metal type of girl, or someone who loves candy colored gems.

3. Be Aware of What She Does and Doesn’t Already Own. 

Say she always wears a bunch of rings, but never bracelets; you might inquire if it’s because she doesn’t have any or she just doesn’t have a particular affinity for them. This allows you to narrow down what you want to buy to a specific category. If she doesn’t own a bracelet but really likes them you can just look at bracelets without looking at earrings, rings and necklaces as well. Or if she has a penchant for earrings you know that earrings are likely to make her happy.

Doyle & Doyle Antique Diamond & Pearl* Convertible Necklace/Pin/Bracelets
Doyle & Doyle Antique Diamond & Pearl* Convertible Necklace/Pin/Bracelets

4. Have a Set Budget

This is more about you than her. When you have a set budget in mind, you can then communicate that to the sales associate you work with. You won’t have to worry that you find something perfect that’s disappointingly out of your price range.

A. Link 18k Diamond Wreath Earrings.
A. Link 18k Diamond Wreath Earrings.

5. Be Thoughtful

The most important thing I have found, when purchasing a gift for anyone is to be thoughtful. You must put your taste and opinions aside and really think about what that person wants and would appreciate. At the end of the day a gift is more about showing someone how much you love them and less about buying them a physical token. So put your heart into it. Her smile when she opens your gift, is a wonderful payoff for all the thought and effort you put in.

Still have questions? I love nothing more than helping people make other people happy with the gift of jewelry. Email me; [email protected] for help.