Women Who Gem: An Interview with Sweta Jain of Goshwara

Women Who Gem is a weekly series about women in the industry, who are doing incredible things. whether designing, marketing, or merchandising, these women are leaving their mark and inspiring us all. This is the second interview in the series. To read the first click here.

Designer and Owner of Goshwara, Sweta Jain.
Designer and Owner of Goshwara, Sweta Jain.

Goshwara is a brand that evokes fire and spirit. That comes from designer and founder Sweta Jain. Growing up in a jewelry family, Sweta was exposed to all the incredible gems that the earth can offer from the time she was a little girl. Her passion for creativity led her down the path of jewelry design and ultimately to launching her own line, Goshwara. She was very generous in taking the time to answer some of my questions that I’m sharing here with all of you.

Gem Therapist: From the time you were a young girl you were traveling the world in search of the most fabulous gems. How do you think that informed your design aesthetic?

Sweta Jain: Growing up I got a lot of independence to explore my interests such as traveling when I was very young or learning to fly. I think this freedom really influenced my design aesthetic. I always ended up creating more bold and liberating pieces.

G-one Opal and diamond Rings and Earrings in 18k Gold
G-One Opal with Diamonds rings and Earrings in 18k Gold

GT: Who was a guiding influence in your life that led you on the path to be becoming a jewelry designer?

SJ: My father! The fact that I was always surrounded by gemstones because of him and he always allowed me to accompany him to his office and cutting factories. This was probably the biggest influence combined with the fact that I was very keen on pursuing the more creative (designing) side of this industry.

GT: How would you describe your personal jewelry style? Is there a piece you own you cannot live without?

SJ: I am more minimalistic in my jewelry taste. I usually love just one large ring on my finger, or a pair of earrings at most with it.

Freedom Teardrop Cages in 18K
Freedom Teardrop Cages in 18K

GT: Is there any period of history that you draw inspiration from or that you feel shapes your designs?

SJ: A lot of my pieces tend to have geometrical patterns…and a deco feel in general. I feel I am most influenced by Art Deco. It seems to influence me even when I am not necessarily drawing inspiration from it.

GT: How do you think female bosses can empower other women?

SJ:I think seeing female bosses successfully run businesses definitely empowers other women. They are encouraged by the endless possibilities for women in today’s world. And I certainly hope they take full advantage of all opportunities.

Rock N Roll Cushion Cut Cabochon ring with diamonds, 18k
Rock N Roll Cushion Cut Cabochon Ring with Diamonds, 18k

GT:What was the greatest advice you got when you decided to go into business for yourself?

SJ: Not necessarily advice but the best thing I got when I started out was my husband’s unconditional financial & emotional support which helps me even today in my personal and business growth. 

GT: Finally if you went back in time and met your younger self, what would you tell her?

SJ:If I met my younger self…I would tell her to work as hard or harder but with less stress and pressure…..”Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things.

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