Women Who Gem: An Interview with Jane Taylor of Jane Taylor Jewelry

Women Who Gem is a weekly series about women in the industry, who are doing incredible things. Whether designing, marketing, or merchandising, these women are leaving their mark and inspiring us all. This is the second interview in the series. To read the series click here. This is Interview 4.

Jewelry Designer Jane Taylor
Jewelry Designer Jane Taylor

Jane Taylor’s color saturated designs are the the kinds of things, happy days are made of. You  can’t look at her brightly colored pieces and not smile. I first was exposed to Jane Taylor Jewelry on Twitter. I saw her rainbow colored stack rings and was in love. I wanted to know more about the woman who was creating such fun and pretty jewelry. Jane was so kind in taking the time to answer my questions, despite her very busy schedule. Read on for all the fun.

GT:How did you get into jewelry? Was it a lifelong passion or something that you fell into along the way?

JT:It has definitely been a lifelong passion of mine! Starting as a young tot, jewelry was something I’ve always been magnetically drawn to…and a couple of times I tried escaping by testing the waters in other family businesses, but ultimately the magnetic pull of jewelry always brought me back. I have a full on obsession with it, it can be a little intense!  Who am I kidding? Really intense!

Cirque Necklaces From Jane Taylor
Cirque Necklaces From Jane Taylor

GT: What inspires you in your designs? Do you come up with a design first or do you design based on the gems?

JT: Some pieces are designed first, and others are based on gem inspiration. My strongest influences are antique jewelry as well as interior (mid-century modern furniture, rugs, fabrics, etc) and exterior (architecture) design elements. Graphic design is another huge influence, as is typography. I always have my eye on linear design elements. Basically, all of the visual arts get rolled into one big inspirational jewelry meatball!

GT: Would you say there were women in your life who inspired you on this path? If so can you tell us more about them?

Yes! Nanny! My maternal grandmother. She was a veritable Zsa Zsa Gabor of jewelry. She had a jewelry collection that ranged from the early 1800s through the 1980s, so I literally got to see style history play out in her collection, which was fascinating and really captured my imagination. It strongly influenced how I jewelry think…I relate everything in my life to jewelry, and when I’m designing, she and her jewels are always on my mind. They’ve heavily influenced my whole career, and really my whole life.

Jane Taylor Cirque Rings
Jane Taylor Cirque Rings

GT: Is there a piece of jewelry in the collection that holds a special place? If so, which one?

Well I’ve been designing for 30+ years, so there are a lot of special pieces…but I think my pavé chubby bezel is a standout. It combines a modern aesthetic that I love with the romantic aspects of what makes jewelry truly great.

GT:What is one piece of jewelry in your personal collection that holds a lot of meaning for you and you can’t live without?

The diamond eternity band that my Poppy gave to my Nanny that I remember seeing her wear my whole life, and was passed on to me during the last stages of her life. Even though she’s no longer here, I always gets to re-experience her elegant hands, Norell red lacquered nails, and just being with her when I’m wearing it.

Jane Taylor Cirque earrings
Jane Taylor Cirque Earrings