Colored Gemstone Trends in 2020

Colored stone jewelry has always held a special place in my heart. Like many jewelry enthusiasts I became enamored with colored stone jewelry watching the home shopping channels. It was the brightly colored gem stone jewels that made jewelry find it’s way into heart. My favorite part of my gemology schooling was poring over my colored stone textbooks and learning about the wide world of gemstones.

5.83 untreated Colombian Emerald Platinum and 18K yellow gold ring by Joseph Ambalu for Amba Gem Corp.

As a blogger I’ve been fortunate enough to get invited to some seriously incredible industry events. One of my favorite’s is the editor’s event put on by the American Gem Trade Association that showcases all the entries and winners of the Spectrum Awards. The Spectrum Awards are a yearly event, held by the AGTA to highlight and reward creativity in the colored gemstone industry.

Finished pieces of gemstone jewelry as well as unset fantastically cut gems compete in this incredible competition. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend for several years in a row. One of the things always take note of, are the colored stones that seem to be a trend. Of course most colored gems are represented but some are more abundant than others.

18K Yellow Gold, Ametrine, and diamond Maltese Cross from Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry

In general higher end gemstones take precedence at these sort of events but this year I was surprised at how many pieces featured Ametrine. If you follow me on Instagram you know how much I love Ametrine. To see it represented so prominently was certainly a treat.

51.08 Rutilated Quartz Sugarloaf Cabochon set in 18k rose gold and platinum with diamond accents, by Jeffrey Bilgore, LLC

Another favorite of mine Rutilated Quartz also had several pieces represented, which made me hopeful that we will see more representations of it in the coming year.

Playing Dress up with the Ametrine

This year was also the year of the Emerald. Beautiful untreated Emeralds abounded. Ive never really been much of an emerald fan, preferring other green gems like tourmaline and garnet, but these emeralds had me rethinking my position.

Other noticeable trends that are continuing from last year, sapphires in every color of the rainbow, tourmalines, and opals.

7.17ct Hexagon cut emerald surrounded by kite shaped emeralds and diamonds set in platinum.

Do you have favorite type of gemstone? Tell me in the comments below. Interested in working with me to create a custom gemstone piece? Visit me here to get started.